The Wood Engineer

David G. Delker

Designer, Engineer, Maker

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About Me

I’m an electrical engineer by training. After several years of designing and building circuits and software systems, I shifted my career into the academic world and spent 35 years in higher education as a professor and university administrator. I’m now retired and am devoting my time to other passions; including woodworking, photography, and collaborating with my fiber artist wife, Shawn, on various projects.

My engineering background has influenced my approach to creative woodworking. I enjoy designing and making challenging projects that cause people to ask, “How did you do that?” I often get as much satisfaction from the design process as I do from the actual project construction. That’s why I became interested in segmented woodturning, in which I can use math and computer-aided design to create something that is both technically challenging and artistically pleasing.

Years of teaching at the college level developed in me the desire to share my knowledge and skills with others. I still enjoy teaching, whether it be in the form of a presentation at a woodturning club meeting or as a one-on-one mentoring experience with a new woodworker. I invite you to view my portfolio of projects and perhaps you, too, will be inspired by this “wood engineer!”


Flint Hills Woodturners Club

I am a charter member of the Flint Hills Woodturners, a club that meets the first Saturday of each month in Manhattan, Kansas. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are meeting virtually until it is safe to resume in-person meetings. Click here for information about our club and recent activities.

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