Here are a few of my toy creations. Some were made as gifts for others; all were entertaining for me to make and test! Click on any of the photos to see more details. 

Harrison’s Truck

I made this truck as a gift for my grandson. The truck body is maple and the bed is made from sapele; the wheels and other turned components are walnut. I researched truck design (as any engineer would do) to determine appropriate shapes for fuel tanks, exhaust pipes, and wheels before making those parts from wood. There are 25 components that I turned on the lathe; the lugged tires were particularly fun to make.

The Creepy Bot

This piece is a Clayton Boyer design, which provided great scrollsaw practice. A small gearmotor and a 9-volt battery propel the robot over even the most rugged alien terrain. The robot measures about 6 inches high and 12 inches long.

Segmented Yoyo

I made this yoyo to prove to members of my club that segmented woodturning does not need to be time consuming or analytically challenging! I made the maple and purpleheart yoyo using a commercial ball bearing yoyo kit. I balanced the two halves of the yoyo using a digital scale and some careful sanding. The yoyo is 2.75″ in diameter and 1.5″ thick.


Here are a few of the dozens of tops I have made. Many were give-away items used during woodturning demonstrations at craft shows and other events. The top in the far right photo is called a tippe top, which flips over while spinning.

Puzzle Boxes

I made these simple boxes from walnut and padauk. Each has a “secret compartment” inside, in which one can hide valuable treasures. The boxes measure 1.625 x 2.875 x 1.875 inches.